We’ve Got WYE Fittings!

Death by Foam half inch black pvc wye fittingWe just received our shipment of PVC wye or “Y” connectors!

These are the integral piece which allows a “magazine” or “clip” of Nerf darts to be fed into the Death By Foam HAMP guns making them into semi-automatic power houses!

I will be working on putting together a video immediately, showcasing these guns and pitting them against the “best” Nerf guns money can buy.

I cannot wait to get a professional Death by Foam HAMP gun assembled to be photographed and video taped in action to show the world how awesome these guns are.

We have a YouTube channel set up at http://YouTube.com/OfficialDeathByFoam. All videos made by Death by Foam will be made available through that channel, so please subscribe and watch our guns in action.

Currently we don’t have online ordering setup on the site, but if you’re interested in ordering a gun just email us at orders@deathbyfoam.com