New PVC Painting Method for Death by Foam Weapons

New Painting Method PVC Death by Foam

I discovered a new method for painting PVC which is going to make the Death by Foam guns look WAY better!

Previously I was using simple black spray paint, which was simply unacceptable. The paint would run, I would have to do several coats, etc… It was just terrible.

I had some extra Rustoleum paint in a can left over from another project, so I decided to give brush painting the PVC a try.

To prep the PVC for paint:

  1. Sand the PVC (I originally used 300 grit, but that left defined scratch lines in the paint, so I’m going to step up to 500 or 1,000 grit)
  2. Put on Latex gloves (hand oils destroy the paint surface)
  3. Wash the PVC with soap and water
  4. Rinse the PVC with water
  5. Dry the PVC
  6. Paint with a fine bristle brush
  7. Let dry
  8. Spray on Clear Coat

As I said on #1, I used too course of a sandpaper (300) so you can see defined scratch lines through the paint. The PVC just needs to be roughed up a little bit to give the Rustoleum a good grip. I’m going to try a 500 or 1,000 grit and see how that works.

My goal is to do just one coat of paint, and then clear over it for a nice, protected, finish.